Friday, 17 June 2011


It is amazing how much we see around us every day, every minute and every second, yet there is so little we observe or notice. As a child a new flower in the park would excite me to no limits. Nowadays,  gazing down from my apartment balcony, I fail to notice the new bud in a sea bed of flowers. A major part of growing up, I realise, is to forget those little moments of joy we used to find in every minute of our growing up years. But is it really dat hard to forget all our worries & tensions for an hour and just sit & observe the lives moving around us. I took a moment yesterday "from my self-assumed busy life" and spent an hour sitting idle, away from all my worries and observed my surroundings.

1. Two little girls were playing catch and catch in the park. One accidently pushed the other, she fell and scraped her knee. Obviously they started arguing and a fight commenced. I looked away assured that they were done for the day. Five mins later I saw them playing again, as if nothing had happened. I was amazed. Can all our "serious adult fights" be solved this easily too? How much simpler, life would have been if we all had the heart to just hug and end trivial, always-blown-out-of-proportion issues. Sigh...

2. An underground water pipe line had broken and the water was gushing out at full force. The roads were flooded with this new water fountain. Every body crossing the road glanced irritatingly at the whole situation and walked as far away as possible from the new water bed. But a mangy looking stray dog came along, and happily lapped water from a puddle formed. He played in the water, rubbed his back in the muddy water, jumped about and walked away, definitely thanking god for bursting the pipe. Atleast someone found a way to beat the heat.

3. My lab who had accompanied me in this little "observation escapade" was patiently sitting by my side. Every five mins her tail would go thump-thump. Every passer-by known or unknown was wished in her little dogie way, by wagging her tail. It didn't matter to her that most of the ppl didn't even notice her. She kept on wagging her tail at everyone. Amused, I was curious to try her way and smiled at an aunty who had just shifted into our society a few days back. I wasn't expecting an unknown woman to smile back at me, but she did. The joy of greeting ppl we know is always there, but to be greeted warmly by a complete known face was very heart warming.
(Disclaimer- I am not sure if this work on everyone, so its better you don't go about smiling at every other unknown person)

4. Just when I was getting up to leave and go back home, a strong wind blew, and down came a rain of dried flowers from the tree I was sitting under. It was a scene directly out of a Karan Johar movie, only I didn't have a hero with me. I finally got a real time "filmy scene", minus a breathtaking view and designer outfits.

well my day ends here. Yet that one hour relieved me from all my troubles even if only for a few hours. For all those who read this post, try it out. Even if u don't notice or experience anything extraordinary, it is still worth a try.